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Hey, I’m Nick

About Me

During the last few years, I’ve made certain changes that have literally transformed me.

From beating addiction, getting out of debt, coming back from several injuries and getting rid of my negative mindset, today I can proudly say that life is great!

I started this site because I want to help inspire others to take action and change their lives for the better.

My mission is to inspire as many people as possible to take action and make positive changes to improve their health and well-being so they can live a life full of joy, happiness, and fulfillment. As well as this, I also offer SEO consultancy services.


I’ve always had an active life and ever since I was very young I played football and competed in athletics. In 2008 at the age of 15, I started lifting weights in the gym and immediately got the bug.

Since then, I’ve worked as a personal trainer, sports massage therapist and completed a Sports and Exercise Science Degree. During my spare time at University, I experimented with the world of online business, desperate to make some money.

After teaching myself how to build websites and make money online, I had a few minor successes and many major failures.

My experiences and more specifically, my failures, have allowed me to see what works and what doesn’t. As we all know, no one is perfect and a lot of people may seem like they’re happy, when in reality they’re not.

For many years I was fighting a battle that nobody knew about. From 2016 to 2019 my goals were overshadowed by a gambling addiction. However, I’m proud to say that today my life has completely transformed.

During the last few years, I’ve beaten an addiction, got out of debt, come back from several injuries, learned new skills, built meaningful relationships, improved my fitness, bought my first property, started my own SEO agency and have cleared my mind of negativity.

Using the 4 main passions in my life; business, SEO, fitness and personal development, I created this site along with my Youtube channel.

Using the knowledge, skills, and experiences I’ve acquired over the years, I hope to inspire others to make positive life changes so they too can transform their lives.



Instead of boring you with more writing,
here’s my life pretty much summed up in one picture.

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