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Start a Blog

Whether you want to start your own personal blog or create a website for your brand or business, the process is the same, and It’s easier than you think!

How To Start a Blog

Step 1 – Find a Domain Name and Hosting Provider

The very first step is to sign up for a reliable hosting provider and find a domain name that is suitable for your business. Your domain name is the URL of your website and the hosting provider is where all your files are stored. You should take your time choosing both of these, it’s very important.

For both domain name and hosting, I use a company called Siteground.

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Step 2 – Install WordPress

WordPress is the platform you will use to create your site. There are many other platforms of course, but I recommend WordPress as it’s incredibly simple to use. It can be downloaded with just one click from your Siteground control panel.

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Step 3 – Choose a Theme

The next step is choosing which theme you are going to install on your site. There are thousands of free themes that can be installed directly from your WordPress dashboard. These are probably fine if your blog is for personal use.

However, if your goal is to eventually earn an income through blogging I recommend you invest in a premium WordPress theme such as the Kadence Theme. I’m using this very theme for my own site.

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Step 4 – Install the Right Plugins

Plugins are a way to add more features to your site and increase overall functionality. If you want a particular feature on your site, such as social media icons, you can install a plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

There are thousands of plugins to choose from, so selecting the right ones can be difficult. This blog post will help you choose which plugins to go for.

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Step 5 – Start an Email List

If you are serious about earning an income through your blog, or any other online business for that matter, you’ll want to start an email list.

Subscribers are more likely to engage with your content and products than some random reader that’s just stumbled upon your site. I use Mailchimp for my email list.


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